Artist Spotlight: Stonem

There are a lot of metalcore bands out there nowadays, and more are popping up all over the place every day. Inevitably, this means the number of metalcore bands just not cutting the mustard is also increasing; German metal prospect Stonem are NOT one of these. Formed in 2014, this quintet have already released two outstanding albums full of killer tracks that are sure to excite the eardrums of metalheads the world over.

Their debut album Wasted was released just one year after the formation of the band. It is a relatively short album; less than thirty minutes and 8 tracks in length if you discount the dubstep remix of 'Astray' and the acoustic cover of 'Going Down' at the end of the album. This has nothing but a positive impact on the quality album, as they have not added in filler tracks for the sake of length. Every track on the album is there for a reason - because it's good. It was the unprecedented heaviness brought to the table by songs such as 'Wasted', 'Goin Down' and personal favourite, 'Astray' which cemented Stonem as ones to watch in 2015.

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In February of 2017, they followed this up with their second album, Reset. Not only did they hit a home run with this one, they completely hit it out of the park; and you know it right from the first track, 'R.I.P'. They have grabbed the opportunity to build off a solid debut album by the horns and produced one of the best new metal albums of the year so far. Their style has stayed pretty much the same; brutal, aggressive and downright badass. The biggest difference between the two albums would be an overall more polished and professional sound. The guitar work is more skilful, the drums are more deft, the and the vocals are just all round more epic. The album has a very diverse sound, showing a previously unseen softer side on the second half of 'Mirrors Truth'. While the use of different types of softer screams is almost as effective as having a clean clean vocalist. This album is a very strong display of all Stonem have to offer from their expansive repertoire.

A lot can happen in three years, and Stonem have proved it. Bursting onto the scene with two phenomenal albums, they have proved to the world that they aren't just another metalcore band. They have carved their name in stone into the annals of metal in 2017 with nothing but their aggressive and undeniably epic style of metal. The more people that know about Stonem the better, and if you haven't heard them yet, then don't leave this page without having heard 'R.I.P'!

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